ProtectIon of Personal Data

Enar Yapı Clarification Text and Cookie Policy Regarding Processing Personal Data

As Enar Yapı (referred to as Enar Yapı), we attach great importance to the privacy and security of your personal data.

In this context, it is our priority to process and store all kinds of personal data belonging to all persons related to Enar Yapı, including our customers and business contacts who benefit from our products and services, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 (“KVKK”). We would like to inform you about the purpose of processing your personal data, the methods and reasons for the collection of your data, your rights regarding the processing of your personal data, and the application procedures and principles, which are the method of exercising your personal data, with the title of “Data Supervisor” that we bear in accordance with the KVKK, as follows.

What is Personal Data? Which Personal Data do we collect?

Personal Data, personal information of your identity (name, surname, TR identity number, etc.), address and telephone information, vehicle and license plate information, family status information, IP address, bank account information such as all kinds of information that can be associated with you (Personal Data) and Special Qualified Personal Data, which is a special type of this, race, ethnic origin, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion, sect or other beliefs, costume and dress, association, foundation or union membership, health, sexual life, criminal conviction. It refers to sensitive personal data (Special Qualified Personal Data) such as your data related to security measures and your biometric and genetic data. The explanations we make for your Personal Data on this page also include your Special Qualified Personal Data.

In this context, as Enar Yapı, we collect Personal Data belonging to our customers, business contacts, employees, employee candidates, platform (our website) users, visitors, and all institution officials and employees with whom we have business relations in other matters, in accordance with KVKK. We can detail the Personal Data we collect as follows:

Identity Data: The name, surname, T.C. Identity data such as identity number, photocopy of identity card.
Communication Data: Communication with the person such as phone number, address, e-mail address, IP information we collect from our customers, business contacts, employees, employee candidates, platform (our website) users, visitors and subcontractor and similar business relations and employees of the institution. It is the data that enables it to be established.
Visual and Audio Data: All visual materials that we collect from our customers, business contacts, employees, employee candidates, platform (our website) users, visitors and all institution officials and employees with whom we have business relations on other issues and that can be associated with the relevant data owner and audio recordings made during the interviews. containing personal data.
Data pertaining to Family Members: Data on the family members and relatives of the relevant person that we have collected from our employees, employee candidates, subcontractor and similar company officials and employees in accordance with the relevant legislation and / or in order to protect the legal and other interests of our Company or the relevant person.
Financial Data: According to the legal relationship our company has established with the data owner, our employees, employee candidates, customers, business contacts, subcontractor and similar business relations, debt balance, receivable amount, salary, salary information, bank account information. are such data.
Personal Data: It is all kinds of personal data that are the basis for the creation of personal rights of real persons who have a working relationship with our Company, which we collect from our employees, employee candidates and other employees of all corporate employees with whom we have business relations.
Physical Space Security Data: Personal data such as visits, security and camera recordings taken from our customers, business contacts, employees, employee candidates, visitors and all institution officials and employees with whom we have business relations in other matters, such as visits, security and camera recordings at the entrance to and during the stay in the physical space.
Communication and Complaint Management Data: It is the personal data obtained from our customers, business contacts, platform (our website) users, visitors, and all institution officials and employees with whom we have business relations in other matters during the process of receiving and evaluating all kinds of requests or complaints against our company.

  • Personal Data of Special Quality: Health data, biometric data (audio and video records), religion and video records specified in Article 6 of the KVKK, which we collect from our customers, business contacts, employees, employee candidates, visitors and all institution officials and employees with whom we have similar business relations in other matters. Data such as membership association, union information.
    Other Data: The data processed for technical transaction security, purchasing information, cookies and other means, which we collect from our customers, business contacts, employees, employee candidates, platform (our website) users, and all institutional officials and employees with whom we have business relations in other matters. data collected.b.Which Methods and Legal Reasons Do We Collect / Process Your Personal Data?

    We collect your Personal Data for the following main purposes and methods, and through other channels that may be added to them in the future, automatically or non-automatically, in audio, verbal, written or electronic form.

    You can collect your Personal Data on the internet and various social media channels through our social media accounts operated on behalf of Enar Yapı, through our call center managed by Enar Yapı, via e-mail, text messages (“SMS”) or other communication methods including multimedia messages (“MMS”) Within the scope of Enar Yapı’s sales and marketing activities, the Contracts we have signed with you or your authorized company, commercial offers, printed and electronic forms, business contacts and other documents given by you within the scope of customer visits, business contacts, vendors and sales channels, manufacturers or services / We collect it by means of third parties such as companies that we supply products and through various channels, including sources such as the Trade Registry, verbally, in writing or electronically, fully or partially automated or non-automatic as part of any data recording system.

    We process your Personal Data, which we collect in line with the above methods, based on one or more of the following legal reasons:

    Your explicit consent
    To allow processing of laws and regulations, the provisions in force in the Republic of Turkey,
    It is compulsory for the protection of the life or bodily integrity of your person or someone else when you are unable to disclose your consent due to actual impossibility,
    It is necessary for the execution of the contract we have concluded with you or your company,
    It is necessary to process your Personal Data in order to fulfill our legal obligations,
    Your Personal Data is made public by you,
    As Enar Yapı, it is necessary for the exercise or protection of our legal or contractual rights,
    The processing of your Personal Data is necessary for our legitimate interest, provided that it does not harm your fundamental rights and freedoms.

    As Enar Yapı, we keep all Personal Data we process in accordance with the periods required by the KVKK and other legislation, and by taking all necessary administrative and technical measures, as long as the above legitimate purposes are not eliminated.

    c. For What Purpose We Process Your Personal Data?

    We process your Personal Data we collect for the following general purposes, depending on its nature:

    Fulfilling the requirements of the contracts concluded by Enar Yapı, providing the products and services offered, performing the production, sales, delivery and installation processes, developing the products and services and carrying out the necessary studies and evaluations to benefit you, performing the transactions regarding the requests made by you after the sale,
    Following and fulfilling the obligations arising from the consumer legislation and answering consumer applications,
    Following up, evaluating the requests and complaints of related people such as customers and consumers and providing support services, consumer satisfaction management and implementation of planning, statistics and satisfaction surveys within this scope,
    Performing quality assessment and improvement studies in order to provide better and more reliable products and services and to ensure sustainability, supervision of suppliers and similar business relations
    Carrying out advertising and marketing activities for products and services offered by Enar Yapı, informing about promotion, promotions, campaigns, offers, events and similar issues as well as new products and services, conducting corporate communication activities,
    Carrying out marketing and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) studies,
    Organizing corporate communication and other events and invitations in this context and informing about them, conducting market research studies,

  1. To improve the digital platforms we offer to our customers, consumers and business connections and to provide an efficient and personalized experience to platform users, the number, type, visit frequency, behavior, geographic location and similar statistics of users, according to the interests and needs of the platform (our website) users, providing content, campaigns and advertisements, using cookies for this purpose,
    Ensuring the legal and commercial security of people who are in business relations with Enar Yapı and Enar Yapı (Planning administrative operations for communication carried out by our company, ensuring physical security and supervision of company locations, business partner / customer / supplier (authorized or employees) evaluation and audit processes , such as the legal adjustment process.)
    Use of legal rights, use of information on transaction history as evidence in case of dispute after the legal relationship is terminated,
    Determination and implementation of commercial, legal and business strategies of Enar Yapı,
    Execution of human resources, accounting / finance policies of Enar Yapı,
    Planning, auditing and execution of information security processes,
    Compliance with national legislation, provision of information requested by public institutions and organizations, fulfillment of reporting obligations.d.Do we transfer your Personal Data to third parties and / or abroad?

    As Enar Yapı, we undertake that your personal data will be kept securely and will not be processed illegally.

    Again, in the presence of the above-mentioned legal reasons, you can collect your personal data from business contacts, suppliers, banks, financial institutions, law, tax, etc. We can transfer them to consultancy firms that receive support in similar areas and other related parties and authorized institutions and organizations where transfer is necessary for specified purposes, to third parties from whom we receive support in areas such as storage, archiving, information technology support (server, hosting, program, cloud computing), and call center.

    Apart from this, Personal Data that can only be processed on condition that your express consent is obtained can only be transferred to business contacts, supplier companies, banks, financial institutions, law, tax, etc., which cooperate and / or receive services in the country based on your express consent. Consultancy firms from which support is obtained in similar fields, other related parties and authorized institutions and organizations where transfer is necessary for the specified purposes.

Similarly, in addition to the above, Enar Yapu is able to transfer data to third parties within the framework of the above-mentioned legitimate purposes and legal limits: (1) institutions specified in laws and regulations; (2) dealers and other representatives and agencies; (3) tax and legal advisors, auditors and other external professional advisors; (4) 3rd parties that provide products or services to Enar Yapı, such as IT systems providers, customer satisfaction oriented marketing programs.

In line with the above purposes, you allow your data to be processed by Enar Yapı and, if necessary, to be transferred to third parties with whom Enar Yapı has a business relationship or to process the data there.

e. Your Rights and Application Procedure

i.Your Rights Regarding Your Personal Data

We would like to state that you have the following rights regarding your data being processed by Enar Yapı:

Learning whether your Personal Data is processed,
If your Personal Data is processed, obtaining information about them,
Learning what is the purpose of processing your Personal Data and whether your personal data is used in accordance with its purpose,
To learn who are the third parties to whom data is transferred domestically and which data are transferred,
Requesting correction of processed Personal Data if it is incomplete or incorrect,
In case your personal data is corrected, deleted or destroyed, requesting that these transactions be notified to third parties to whom your Personal Data is transferred,
In case the reasons requiring the processing of your Personal Data disappear or your Personal Data becomes out of date, to request the deletion or destruction of your processed Personal Data,
Object to the occurrence of a result against you by analyzing your processed Personal Data exclusively through automated systems,
If you suffer damage due to the unlawful processing of your Personal Data, you have the right to demand the compensation of the damage.

You can send your requests regarding these rights to us via the application form below, via e-mail address.


Your requests regarding your Personal Data, fill in the application form below and deliver to the addresses specified in the last section in writing, via mail or cargo or through a notary public, to our registered e-mail (KEP) address with secure electronic signature and mobile signature, or to our registered e-mail address and You can send it to our company by applying via e-mail via your e-mail address.

Enar Yapı will finalize the requests made to it, free of charge, as soon as possible and within thirty days at the latest, depending on the nature of the request. In the event that a cost arises due to the fulfillment of your requests, we may only charge you the fees specified by the Personal Data Protection Board.

As a result of the requests made to Enar Yapı, we can accept the requests or reject them by explaining the reason and we can transmit this response to the person who made the request in writing or electronically. If the request is accepted, as Enar Yapı, we are obliged to fulfill the request immediately.

iii. Complaint

If your requests to Enar Yapı are rejected by Enar Yapı, if you are not satisfied with the answer given by Enar Yapı or if you are not answered, within 30 days from the date of notification of the answer to you, and within 30 days from the end of the 30-day period, you can make a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Board. you can be found.

f. Data Controller Identity Information

Enar building expressions used herein are arranged to Turkey on board and Enar building and organized the information below the data addressed to the person concerned to be responsible for the company’s data indicated below: