The world is changing every day. With the world, our ideas, perceptions and habits also change. And now, with ENAR, home life as we know it until today is also changing.

ENAR, by reinterpreting the values taken from Turkish life and architectural culture with an eco-innovation approach, transforms it into today’s contemporary living standards.

ENAR’s environmentally sensitive and sustainable design principles, which have emerged from its own body, have human-oriented sensitivities. These principles, which come to life as “Another Life” in Kocaeli, have become one of the most modern and useful examples of today by constantly developing with the desire to achieve better and beautify life.

Finding, learning and implementing safer and more comfortable solutions wherever they are in the world has enabled ENAR to realize numerous innovations. This development in technology and production practices has undoubtedly become our greatest strength in providing the “Life and Architecture” conditions we imagine.