ENAR, which started its activities in 2001, operates in the construction, textile and automotive sectors.

ENAR Foreign Trade, which has been operating in Shanghai / China for 16 years, has expanded its global vision and has decided to make its investments in its own country by blending its experience with the principles of honesty and honesty.

Our chairman of the board of directors, Mr. Erhan Gökçe, founded the ENAR Automotive company in 2017 and became the pioneer of innovations in the automotive sector.

Entering the textile industry in 2018, ENAR has done successful works in a short time and continues its activities with firm steps.

Adopting innovation as a principle, ENAR invests in the construction sector with its “Another Life” slogan and innovative global vision in 2019 and reflects the knowledge and vision it has acquired abroad to its own projects.

Choosing world-leading brands as partners in its field, Enar aimed to consider all the details that could meet the needs and be more innovative in its projects.


ENAR entered the construction sector with the slogan of “Another Life” in 2019, aiming for change. It started the change it aimed by reconsidering the housing concept existing in our country. In his projects, he planned the house not alone, but with the surrounding living spaces and facilities. As a brand that started innovation and innovation, ENAR became the owner of firsts.

In addition to the interior and exterior façades in ENAR projects, design prioritizes even the finest details from electrical switches to door handles.

ENAR reflects the design culture to living spaces with creative projects. Architecture is not just a concept related to aesthetics; He believes that a good house should contain innovation and should be enriched with additional functions that users are not aware of. Integrating with R&D, making use of technology and based on knowledge; It attaches importance to being original, clear and simple and to include new and smart technologies.

As Enar Life, we are building high quality living spaces designed for both today and future generations in our pleasant and exciting journey. Serving the society and contributing to the future of our country is the most important duty for us.

We feel responsible to these lands. We design projects considering not only construction but also the needs of modern city life. That’s why we position ourselves as a building design firm.

Chairman of the Board